Meditation for Flight

Meditation for Flight

Meditation is an effective way of relaxing the body and reducing stress, creating a more worry-free mind. The popularity of meditation and its practice have helped a lot of people deal with their inner most fears and anxieties and have helped them cope up with a lot of their unresolved self.

One common fear of most people all over the globe is the fear of flying. People who fear flying tends to become very paranoid during a flight and may cause them to have uncomfortable feelings, elevated anxieties, panic attacks, and even sleepless nights before the flight. Because of the growing awareness for the need to solve this fear, many ways of how to overcome fear of flying has been brought about, one of them is meditation for flight.

Meditation for flight is a form of meditation that helps a person overcome the fear of flying. It is still performed the same way as some meditations may be done, in fact, it is in the form of tapes or cd’s that one can listen to while flying or before flying. A lot of these tapes are available in stores. Airlines have even started to have them available during the flight, where one can just listen to it and enjoy the rest of the flight worry free.

One of these meditation for flight CD’s is, Fly Without Fear: Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight – which is a powerful audio CD from stress expert KRS Edstrom which provides a unique and highly effective program to free you from your fear of flying. Powerful guided meditations and soothing music that dissolves your fear of flying while imparting skills that can be applied to any fear. It transforms an anxious flight into a tranquil journey of self-discovery; includes calming meditations for boarding, take-off, in-flight and landing along with a desensitizing pre-flight dress rehearsal exercise. Accompanied by soothing music, Edstrom’s guided meditations empower you to release the anxiety associated with flying and more. You can know more about this CD at
Price: $11.86
An airline who has introduced meditation for flight into their flights is Virgin Atlantic Airline. To help you relax during the flight to London, Virgin Atlantic now offers an in-flight meditation program, called Meditainment. The meditation for flight program, designed by Meditainment Ltd, consists of a series of meditative journeys through the audio in-flight entertainment system. Meditative journey choices include journeys to a Desert Island, Summer Meadow, the Moon or the Arctic. If you have a fear of flying, the airline offers an audio session with Flying Without Fear’s psychoanalyst David Landau.
There are other forms of meditation for flights, which would include books, meditation sessions, online meditations, and many more. The main aim is for you to let go and get rid of stressful, mind withering fear of flight.

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