Relaxation – The key to healthy life

Relaxation – The key to healthy life

Physical exercise complemented by a healthy diet may still leave you bereft of a truly fit body if you dont relax enough. Relaxation releases ‘feel good’ hormones in our body. They help us reduce free radical effect, which means it slows down the ageing process, reducing the PMS syndrome, speeds up recovery of post-operative healing, increases our lung power… the list is endless.
Result shows that just 15 minutes of daily relaxation can aid in the complete avoidance of blood pressure tablets. No amount of exercising and dieting alone can ensure that. Diet and exercise reduce stress levels, but they cannot wholly account for our emotional thought patterns. And thse negative emotions that are mainly accountable for many psychosomatic diseases.
Evidently, pumping iron till your arms ache and dieting diligently will be futile minus relaxation. Relaxation is a must in our daily life. It alone can strengthen our immune system. Right from gardening to playing chess to practising simple mental exercises, anything can be relaxing. The choice and onus both lie with the person.
Research studies have documented positive changes in the blood flow, neurochemistry as well as neurophysiology of the brain when one is relaxed. The blood flow to the brain is increased to those regions of the brain that are associated with feelings of being calm. So, to ensure the complete health quotient, one needs relaxation as much as one needs physical exercise and a proper diet.
1. Do what you love daily, like listening to your favorite music.
2. Devote time to a hobby.
3. Look at some old photographs of an occasion that was full of fun.
4. Be with nature any time of the day.
5. Establish contact with old friends.
6. In the afternoon, take a 20-minute nap.
7. Sit on a chair with your feet touching the floor and your back upright. Focus on anything or any sound for three minutes.
8. Once back from office, as you step into your home, just sit for 10-15 minutes doing nothing. You may switch on the television or listen to some music if you so prefer.
9. Breathe deeply while listening to your favorite music.
10. Press under the big toe and the arch of your foot.

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